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Persons who work in technical support assist clients by resolving their issues. Customers experience various problems that are either user or product related. Support employees must be able to deduce the best fix for the problem. Some issues require escalation to other team members or engineers.

Issues are logged into applications or databases, therefore technical support employees must be equipped with competent IT skills. Another requirement is to be patient and levelheaded as clients can be upset and speak negatively or in a derogatory manner. Therefore, support professionals must employ all their customer relations skills to satisfy the client.

Technical support members work with various tools. Clients often contact them through an electronic form like emails, or phone calls; therefore, employees must be able to utilize computers and other equipments proficiently. Persons who work in technical support must competent trainers and presenters as their job may require these skills.

The salary for persons who work in technical support varies. It may be dependent on level, experience, qualifications, position, products, service, contract stipulations, and the type of company. Generally, they receive good salaries and qualify for employee benefits. Due to the technological developments and overall usage of these products in our everyday lives, there is growing demand for technical support jobs.


• Have excellent troubleshooting skills
• Be able to use Microsoft, Linux, Unix or Mac computer applications
• Be customer and quality oriented
• Have superior communication expertise
• Have great presentation skills
• Be friendly and amenable
• Be able to work flexible hours
• Be able to multitask
• Have good project and planning skills
• Have sound technical knowledge


Technical support staff must be knowledge in their area of expertise. They must have requisite certifications or qualifications. In support, clients are from diverse backgrounds; therefore being multilingual is valuable. The type of qualification is dependent on the level of technical support that’s required. Having a first degree in an information technology related area helps graduates to obtain jobs. Support team members manage a variety of issues so your knowledge must be very comprehensive.

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