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JavaScript is a programming language that operates in web browsers. This web language gives web pages the capabilities of being interactive. JavaScript developers design web applications for clients, according to their instruction. They design animation, interactive images, drop-down menus, and embed sounds and music into a web page.

JavaScript developers can earn above average salaries, and this increases with experience and seniority. Industry projections indicate that this job will slowly decline due to outsourcing, industry, and technological advancements. Developers are expected to be multitalented in terms of the number of programming languages they use.

The responsibilities of a JavaScript include:
• Enhancing applications
• Reviewing application design
• Troubleshooting for possible software bugs
• Implementing fixes
• Coordinating with quality assurance teams
• Checking for system compatibility
• Documenting technical specifications


• Time management skills
• Systematic troubleshooting skills
• Written and verbal communication skills
•  Imagination and perception
• Project and organizational skills
•  Initiative and persistence
•  Patience and constancy
• Team work capabilities
• Outstanding programming skills
• Internet and web expertise
• Sound technical skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Observant and flexible


Pursuing a Computer Science Degree may assist graduates in finding jobs as JavaScript programmers. Degrees in Software Engineering, Programming, and Information Technology may assist in that regard as well. Programmers also develop their expertise in other programming languages through their training. Many Certificate, Associate, Bachelor's, and Master's programmes offer training in programming.

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