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Test Managers are essential in companies that build different equipment, machinery and devices. They are in charge of the professionals who will test these devices and make sure they are in keeping with the design model and required functionality. If they discover any ineffective or malfunctioning equipment, these are returned to the development team for more work. Apart of their jobs involve documenting their findings and making recommendations.

It is important that they enforce quality procedures and health and safety regulations. They must be knowledge about industry and international regulations to do this. Many managers network extensively within their industry and attend meetings frequently. In this profession, managers are paid extremely well for their services.

A Test Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Coordinating testing activities
• Assessing and managing risks
• Making recommendations
• Overseeing planning of systems and tests
• Hiring staff
• Mentoring employees
• Delegating work schedules and projects
• Creating teams
• Assessing the skills of team members
• Arranging workshops and meetings
• Debugging tasks


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

• Stress management
• Quality assurance
• People and team management
• Project and time management
• Communication and listening
• Testing and analysis
• Presentation and development
• Organization and administration
• Multitasking and diversity
• Problem solving and decision making
• Being theoretical and methodical
• Professionalism and networking
• Human relations and resource management
• Self motivation


Professionals in this field often pursue higher level education. They attend universities, colleges or community colleges and complete two or four year programs. Many will also start with Diplomas and Associate Degrees. They often take on lower or apprentice positions then work their way up and complete further educational training. The higher your qualification and the more experience you have, the better your chance will be in being promoted to a Test Manager position. Therefore you should seek to gain even a Masters Degree in Science or Engineering. Accepted fields include Mathematics, Computer Science, Industrial or Mechanical engineering or Quality Assurance.

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