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Creating websites or web applications is the responsibility of a Web Developer. Developers use programming languages to design and create websites, or applications that can be run on the internet. They meet with clients or project teams and develop the application according to the specification of the client.

Web developers use graphics, effects, animations, structure, and other features to create a professional and fitting application for an employer. Some developers work in offices, for large and small companies while others may work anywhere especially from their homes. Developers simply need a computer or laptop to do their jobs and the requisite software applications.

The salary for Web developers vary. They earn based on their assignments, the location, the company, and other external factors. In addition, entry-level developers must grow in expertise and experience to attract larger wages. Companies provide job growth and web developers can be promoted into positions of project managers or web development managers.

Functions of a Web Developer may include:

• Manage websites
•  Resolve user issues
•  Design and implement company’s web presence and applications
• Prepare documentation
• Attend any team, staff or project meetings
•  Stay current on trends in web development
• Ensure proper security for applications
• Work with content creators
• Create and distribute user passwords


• Proficient in Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, HTML, XML, Java, VBScript, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, Visual Basic .NET, C++, C

, Perl,

• Be innovative and creative
• Be focused
• Be self motivated
• Be reliable and friendly
• Be able to network and negotiate
• Be able to work on own initiative
• Understand computer software and hardware
• Be able to multitask
• Have good communication skills


Employers are more interested in the knowledge and expertise of their web developers than the qualifications. It is good to have a first degree in computer science, or web development. However being able to understand web applications and producing quality work is integral. Web Developers must also be good in graphic designing and modifying images using Photoshop, Flash, or Dreamweaver.

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