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Developers, who programme, build or create websites using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), are called HTML Developers. Professionals use their skills to create text, paragraphs, attach images, give structure, and make their web pages presentable and appealing. They also incorporate Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) onto their pages.

Professionals working with HTML must be conversant on the guidelines, regulations, security necessities, and dangers of using the internet. They must be capable of integrating features to protect the content of their employer and users of the website. Developers also meet with clients to discuss design specifications. HTML Developers often work with IT companies, or have their own businesses.
HTML developers not only design websites but also they are hired to be webmasters and manage client websites. If the site needs to be constantly updated with new information, user data distributed, or security features deployed they coordinate these activities. They work unpredictable hours to meet client deadlines.


• Be patient and persistent
• Be thorough and detail oriented
• Be able to think logically and critically
• Have good judgment
• Be able to communicate orally and in written form
• Be able to create websites using HTML, XML, Java, CSS and other languages
• Use organizational skills effectively
• Be able to solve problems intuitively
• Be reliable and trustworthy
• Be professional
• Be a team player
• Be able to multitask and meet project deadlines


HTML Developers usually have a strong aptitude for programming and development. They often pursue qualifications or certifications relative to their fields. These include web design, development, and programming. Other Computer and Information Technology Degrees are also relevant to positions offered by employers.
Developers having a Master's Degree have more opportunities for career advancement and openings. Employers often prefer that web developers have a high level of expertise than their qualifications. They expect them to be adept in utilizing and understanding many computer-programming technologies. HTML developers must know how to design, build, and deploy web pages, sites, or applications.

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