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A developer who utilizes PHP advanced server-side programming language to design, code, or maintain web applications is a PHP developer. Developers use PHP to do front-end and back-end web development. They also have comprehensive technical knowledge of other programming and computer technologies. This allows them to be able to integrate their applications with other systems and software. PHP means PHP Hypertext Processors that is used to handle Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents or other websites.

Developer may work in computer labs or offices, spending long hours at their desks coding, testing, and implementing. PHP developers make good wages and receive benefits when employed to companies. They often work as freelance programmers as well.

The responsibilities of a PHP include:

• Documenting technical specifications
• Testing for application bugs
• Writing programming code
• Designing the application according to specifications
• Coordinating with designers, administrators, and other programmers
•  Prioritizing tasks and daily activities
•  Organizing projects


• Excellent programming, debugging, and implementation skills
• Team work capabilities
• Positive outlook
• Flexibility and dependability
• Innovative
• Effective communication strategies
• Good graphical knowledge and expertise
•  Adaptability
• Technical knowledge and comprehension of web protocols


Having a Computer Programming or Software Design Bachelor's Degree allows PHP programmers to acquire jobs. Prior experience in web development is also valuable. For freelance jobs, PHP professionals should have samples or examples of their work.

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