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IT Project Managers oversee work assignments and delegate responsibilities to team members. One that works in an IT company performs many other functions within the computer industry. They are responsible for staff, contractors, budgets, and deliverables. These managers assess the assignment and ensure that all specifications are being followed.
Project managers also meet with clients to gather project information, changes or give updates. They also coordinate the activities of all stakeholders assisting on the project. If changes need to be implemented on the assignment, project managers analyze all areas to make a proper and comprehensive assessment. The responsibility of success on a project from conception to implementation lies with this manager.
Functions of an IT Project Manager may include:
• Oversee the functions of programmers and analysts
• Appraise and prepare documentation
• Implement policies and procedures
• Review current and new information systems
• Assess applications and system quality
• Design computer applications
• Complete administrative tasks
• Conduct presentations
• Attend meetings and workshops
• Coordinate with other managerial staff
•  Perform research
• Roll out new technologies
• Prepare and review budgets and other financial data
• Produce documentation, development plans or release notes


• Good customer service skills
• Be able to conduct presentations capably
• Have technical capabilities
• Be able to interpret reports and documentation
• Have good interpersonal skills
• Be able to competent resolve problems
• Have superior communications abilities
• Have good supervisory expertise
• Be analytical
• Be self motivated
• Have valuable project management dexterity


IT Project managers should possess a first degree in a relevant field. This degree may be in business administration, management information systems, or computer science. Having prior experience in the industry is also advised for managers. Project managers should have good technical expertise to guide their teammates and a record of accomplishment in prior projects.

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