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Producing applications through the design, development, testing and implementation process is done by a Software Developer. Developers work hard to create applications using various programming languages. These languages may include ASP, PHP, Java, C, C++, C

, .NET, COBOL, and many others.

These professionals may work in teams or by themselves on assignments. Some work on entire applications or just one single component. They are expected to produce quality codes, with as few bugs as possible. Due to the consistent changes in technology, software developers must be able to upgrade or integrate their applications.

Functions of a Software Developer may include:

• Perform administrative duties
• Attend meetings, trainings, seminars or workshops
• Debug problematic code
• Implement applications
• Research and use various programming languages
• Interpret technical data
• Develop application documentation and reports
• Understand numeric data
• Network with prospective clients
• Develop extensive knowledge on new and current technologies


• Prior work experience
• Superior technical knowledge
• Be able to remain current with new technologies
• Be flexible
• Be amicable and approachable
• Be self motivated
• Be a team player
• Be able to produce good documentation
• Be able to communicate effectively in both written and verbal format
• Be able to understand technical direction and instructions
• Be innovative
• Have initiative
• Be detail oriented
• Be able to resolve problems efficiently
• Be able to consistently deliver quality work
• Be able to use Microsoft Office applications


Software developers should have strong technical skills in software development. They must understand be capable of using different technologies. Developers may have first degrees in software development, programming, or engineering. Computer science or information technology degrees are also acceptable.

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