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Developers are often referred to as programmers or software developers. They use programming languages to develop software, decipher algorithms, fix bugs, and maintain applications. Programmers are able to function in many capacities, such as database administrators, network engineers, or website developers.

Developers must be proficient and knowledgeable about various technologies. They should be able to understand technical information and resolve application issues. Developers must know languages such as:

• C, C++, C

• JAVA, JavaScript
• Prolog
• VB
Use technologies such as:
• Oracle database
• Microsoft Exchange servers
• Active Directory
• Linux, Unix, Mac and Microsoft computers and applications
• Decoders and testers

Tasks are often broken down and given to development teams. Members may work on coding, testing, debugging or implementation. Developers are capable of creating different types of applications. They may include telecommunication software, banking and financial software, educational games, data entry forms, applications that run hardware equipment, applications found in GPS or vehicular systems. Technology has a wide scope and software applications make up many of today’s appliances, hardware, equipment, vehicles, and machinery.
Developers are paid competitive salaries. They qualify for benefits, allowances, and schemes. They receive vacation and sick days, life and general insurance, stock options, pension, and many other benefits. Senior developers attract good increases. A programmer salary is dependent on many industry variables.


• Be flexible
• Be approachable and friendly
• Be able to work in teams
• Be able to work on own initiative
• Be dependable and consistent
• Be driven and quality oriented
• Be able to provide good results
• Be able to follow technical instructions
• Be able to lead teams
• Be able to manage projects
• Be able to work with various technologies and programming languages
• Have integrity
• Be loyal and honest
• Be able to handle multiple tasks or projects


Developers should have at least a first degree in a computer related field. Qualifications can be in mathematics, information technology, computer science, information systems, database systems, or software design. These programmers should be able to use proficiently, various technologies and systems.
Developers must be avid learners, and always seeking new information. Programmers must remain current and learn about new industry developments. Employers often recruit intern or junior developers straight from colleges. They place them in mentoring or training programs. Developers possessing diploma or associate certifications work to increase their job experience to compete for managerial positions.

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