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Structured Query Language is a programming language (SQL). SQL professionals use this language to manage, develop, and maintain databases or applications. They are able to work with many different servers, software, and databases. Because of the scope of their jobs, SQL employees must be proficient in several programming languages.

SQL experts sometimes work on projects. They are required to work in teams or on their own. Employees must be able to work with old and new technologies, support current and develop new application systems. Some work with technical support departments to resolve external customer needs or issues.

SQL functions include:

• Merging data
• Resolving system issues
• Maintaining and organizing databases
• Implementing security measures
• Using programming languages to improve or develop applications
• Troubleshooting database systems
• Working with other team members
• Leading and reporting on projects
• Providing technical support

These professionals are known as programmers, or database administrators. They may perform job specific roles such as testing or an array of tasks. SQL employees receive very attractive salary packages. They are paid at a higher level depending on their experience and job position.


• Technical knowledge
• Project and planning skills
• Knowledge of several programming languages
• Expertise in SQL programming and database
• Self motivated and consistent
• Multitask and deal with project priorities
• Communicate effectually in written and verbal manner
• Strategic, analytic mindset
• Value and results oriented
• Team oriented
• Professional and cordial


SQL professionals must have expert knowledge of their field. They must be aware and competent in using various technologies such as .NET, C

, Java, XML, SQL servers, Oracle database applications, ASP, PHP, HTML, SEO, and JavaScript. At the highest levels, SQL employees should possess a master’s degree.

Computer related degrees are most preferable. They can be in areas such as computer science, information technology, management information systems, programming, software engineering, database administration, or network administration. Technology changes constantly and SQL employees must remain up-to-date on system developments, trends, new SQL and programming applications, and guidelines.

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