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Linux is a type of operating system that operates on a number of technology components. These components include servers, mainframes, and supercomputers that are administered by Linux Administrators. Administrators perform a number of tasks including conducting security audits, expanding service offerings, on boarding, migrating customers and backing up files.
Linux Administrators also provide client support services to users of their systems. When users have data, login, or security issues, administrators work to resolve them. They also monitor the performance of these systems daily, doing performance checks, dumping memory, and managing scripts.
Functions of a Linux professional include:
• Working with Linux software components
• Preparing documentation and reports
• Completing tests
• Designing infrastructure components
• Resolving production dilemmas
• Improving automation and processes
• Contributing to team efforts
• Sustaining software
• Implementing enhancements
• Doing data backup
• Doing account management
• Troubleshooting Linux hardware


Expertise can include:
• Multitasking
• Problem solving
• Communication and listening
• Initiative and flexibility
• Adept in relevant technologies
• Attention to detail
• Self motivated and driven
• Team oriented
• Customer friendly
• Team player
• Efficient and reliable
• Management skills


A Linux administrator or developer needs to have a first degree in Computer Science. They can also have Degrees in Engineering, Mathematics, Software Engineering, or Information Technology. Employers also accept Microsoft or Redhat certifications. Administrators must be proficient in Red Hat Enterprise (RHCE) or Oracle Enterprise Linux (Linux Administrator OCA).

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