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SAP Administrators maintain, support, upgrade systems application products (SAP), computer systems, and repair any technical issues with these systems. Administrators work within a formal IT department and work typical office hours.

The responsibilities of a SAP include:

• Performing archiving and back up
• Checking workload statistics, system logs, failed updates, memory dumps and trace directory
• Examining application servers
• Resolving system issues
• Testing SAP patch applications
• Following regulatory compliance guidelines
• Preparing reports for supervisors
• Coordinating with other departments
• Performing installation, testing, documentation, maintenance and upgrading of all systems


• Project management skills
• Good communication skills
• Excellent Problem solving skills
• Effective Decision making skills
• Investigative and analytical capabilities
• Team work
•  Planning and development expertise
• Good Interpersonal skills
• Highly dependable
• Self motivated


A Bachelor's Degree education is preferable for SAP Administrators. As they work in an IT capacity, administrators must be familiar with UNIX, Linux, and Oracle databases. Professionals with a Master's Degree have a better chance at career advancement.

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