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IT Team Leaders coordinate and delegate the responsibilities of IT teams. They oversee the day-to-day functions of the department. Leaders also conduct training sessions with employees so that they can be equipped with new knowledge and skills to remain current. They also train entry-level employees that will allow them to be on the same level as the team.

These leaders consider the abilities and expertise of the team members to assist in dispersing assignments. Team members may have specialities such as networking, security, administration, data entry, software programming, web development or data testing. IT Team Leaders have comprehensive knowledge and skills to guide all these professionals. Leaders are able to motivate teams and maintain a comfortable and conducive working environment.

Functions of an IT Team Leaders may include:

• Keep abreast of changes in the standards, technologies or methodologies
• Carry out administrative functions
•  Risk assessment and risk management
• Give direction and guidance
• Coach and mentor team members
• Review assignments for accuracy and quality
•  Delegate responsibilities
• Coordinate application of software releases
• Develop and execute company policies
•  Attend meetings, trainings or seminars
• Work with other departments


• Be able to make excellent decisions
• Have superior organizational skills
• Be analytical
• Be a good listener and communicator
• Be able to lead teams
• Understanding of voice logging systems and tools
• Be flexible
• Have effective coaching and mentoring skills
• Have first-rate negotiating skills
• Be able to handle work pressure
• Be able to carry out multiple assignments
• Be detail oriented
• Be able to work on own initiative


An IT team leader should have a first degree in Computer Science. Other acceptable degrees include information technology, management information systems, software engineering and networking. Professionals who possess a Masters degree will have an advantage in terms of opportunities for higher salaries, advancement or promotion.

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