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Network Engineers operate in many different industries. As businesses have grown in technological scope and their operations, these engineers are needed to manage and maintain network systems. They receive very good salaries and perform their duties proficiently.
Having many years of experience on the job, helps Network Engineers qualify for job advancement. They often proceed to other positions such as Senior Network Engineer, Chief Technical Officer or other managerial and executive positions. Their jobs are demanding and have no room for mistakes or low efficiency, as systems should always stay active.
A Network Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Installing and updating security programs
• Customizing networks
• Monitoring network performance
•  Maintaining emergency systems
•  Performing system back-ups and restorations
• Troubleshooting servers


• Working in a diverse environment
• Managing projects and assignments
• Being attentive and patient
• Being technical and analytical
• Communication and listening
• Being perceptive
• Organization
• Time management
• Being professional, approachable and courteous
• Administration
• Operating and Network systems


Network Engineers have a variety of qualification options available to them. In the computer industry professional certifications are often more respectable than the traditional Bachelors Degree. These certifications may include:

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