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Software engineers devise, examine, and implement software application systems. They develop programs that are geared to run machinery, computers, vehicles and other systems. Engineers work to ensure quality, resolve bug issues, change codes to user specifications, and create documentation for their programs.

These professionals are found in many industries, and as such are referred to by many names. These names often indicate the primary programming language they utilize to create their programme such as C programmer, quality assurance engineer, java developer, C++ developer, software designer, or applications engineer. They receive good salaries, and with more experience, they earn higher wages.

Functions of a Software Engineer may include:

• Design user interfaces
• Resolve issues by debugging software
• Edit code or update older applications
• Make sure code follows user guidelines and regulations
• Manage projects
• Delegate to team members
• Perform software integration


• Be able to use Microsoft Office applications
• Have expert knowledge of software engineering
• Communicate effectively
• Great problem solving skills
• Be able to handle multiple projects
• Have initiative
• Be amenable and reliable
• Be able to effectively work with teams
• Be able to resolve network and hardware problems
• Be able to debug programs


Software engineers are required to have a degree in information science, software engineering, computer science, or programming. Some employers afford employees the chance to study in training programs within the company. Having experience is beneficial to a software engineer’s career. It indicates to employers that graduates are capable of handling the responsibility and can deliver quality work.
Knowledge of WebLogic, WebSphere, C, C++, Java, .NET, Python, J2EE, JBoss, ADO, Perl, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, ASP, JSP, PHP, Web services, SOAP, XML, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, UNIX, Redhat Linux, STL, AJAX, J2EE, J2ME, Sun Solaris or C

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