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Test Analysts often work in the engineering and manufacturing industries. They are key professionals who ensure that equipment, products and various designs work as they should. They look over the results from and prepare different scenarios or strategies. Where there is fault or a defect they work with development teams highlighting the situation and making recommendations. Once fixes have been made they conduct tests until the test has a successful result.

Test Analysts receive very good remuneration and benefits. They get healthcare, general insurance, or life insurance, sick days, vacation and various allowances. Some might even get stock options, but that depends on the company.

A Test Analyst usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Giving feedback to development teams
•  Running tests
• Providing estimates
• Using testing tools
•  Implementing quality processes
• Adhering to safety regulations
• Installing different systems
• Cooperating with various teams
• Generating documentation
• Seeking approval for projects


•  Handling stressful situations
• Being professional and level headed
• Networking with other professionals
• Negotiating situations
•  Communicating effectively in written and oral form
• Being organized and flexible
• Completing administrative duties
• Being proactive and analytical
• Troubleshooting issues and resolving problems
• Understanding technical information
• Completing testing duties
•  Project management
• Being effective and responsible
• Multitasking and prioritizing


To become a Test Analyst you may begin a Bachelors degree program looking at courses in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Network Engineering, or Information Technology. Some students complete double majors including studies in Mathematics, Statistics, Management Information Systems, and Quality Assurance. To be competitive you should go on to get your Masters Degree.

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