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There are many different Engineers and their jobs or responsibilities are dependent on the type of engineering job they have. Some of the various types of Engineering are:

•  Industrial Engineering 
• Agricultural Engineering
•  Marine Engineering
•  Chemical Engineering
•  Materials Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
•  Mining and Geological Engineering
•  Nuclear Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
•  Petroleum Engineering

All the above types of engineering involve working with highly scientific, technical or mathematical data. Engineers may have design, development, production and management responsibilities. They may work in aviation, pharmaceuticals, vehicular, computer software and other manufacturing factories, labs or office spaces.

Engineering jobs typically pay very lucrative salaries. Computer, Biomedical, Nuclear and Environmental Engineering are just a few that offer good benefit packages. These benefits may include travel and meal allowances, pension, insurance, health care, vacation and sick days. Some companies may offer stocks and other benefits.

An Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Designing highways and transit systems
• Developing ways to extract raw materials
• Improving system performance
• Testing manufactured products
• Maintaining product quality levels
•  Supervising staff


• Project management
• Supervision and administration
• Time management
• Resolving problems
• Information technology
• Advanced technical knowledge
• Communication


There are various qualifications that are accepted for Engineering jobs. These may include anything from Diplomas, Associate, Bachelors or Masters Degrees. Many of these professionals often pursue their Doctoral Degrees as well, becoming leading experts in their fields. Many states also require that Engineers be licensed.

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