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The job of a Service Engineer is industry specific. Responsibilities will differ if they are working in technical assignments with engines, vehicles, airplanes, computers or manufacturing. General tasks will include testing, providing technical support, resolving issues, or doing quality assurance checks.

A Service Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Testing machine tools
•  Installing machines
•  Giving emergency assistance
•  Preparing documentation
• Giving technical assistance
•  Approving designs
•  Planning maintenance work


• Being confident and reliable
• Understanding mathematical data
• Having good reasoning abilities
• Communicating and presenting data effectively
• Troubleshooting problems
• Being flexible
• Guiding team members
• Being self motivated
• Being enthusiastic
• Being organized and thorough
• Project management
• Being computer literate


Engineering students often find jobs as Service Engineers. After pursuing Bachelors or Masters Degrees in Electronics, Engineering Technology, Life Science or other technical courses they transfer their knowledge, using it to become successful Service Engineers. They are good at science and technical courses such as mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, geometry or information technology.

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