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Delegating responsibilities, managing engineering technologists, advising clients and managing projects are just some of the responsibilities of an Engineering Manager. They oversee both large and small scale projects, providing support and guidance to junior team members. Managers are efficient in communication, engineering and management.

Engineering Managers often liaise with clients ensuring that assignments are being done according to their specifications and resolving any issues that may arise. They perform many human resource functions such as interviewing, hiring, conducting performance evaluation and mentoring employees. These professionals typically work in an office setting for 40 hours a week.

An Engineering Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Analyzing technology projects
• Approving product design
• Recruiting employees
• Preparing budgets
•  Coordinating with management, production and marketing
•  Assessing the feasibility of projects
• Approving contracts and cost estimates


• Teamwork and working with other people
• Resolving complex and simple problems effectively
• People management and mentoring employees
• Managing multiple projects
• Communication, including the preparation of written documentation and reports
• Information technology (using applications/software)
• Listening
• Planning and prioritizing
• Leadership
• Skill building
• Administration, organization and time management


People who are interested in becoming Engineering Managers must first attain a Bachelors Degree. Their studies may include specializations in Engineering and Management. It is advised that graduates continue to gain a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) or Engineering Management (MEM).
Other areas of study may include Quality Engineering, Organizational Management, Operations Management, Program Management, Marketing and Finance. These courses will provide Engineering Managers with the requisite knowledge and skills to become well rounded and successful professionals.

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