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Electrical Design Engineers create, draft and develop designs of electrical and electronic equipment and tools. They understand the advanced concepts of engineering and utilize this knowledge to invent new, easy to use and multifaceted equipment.

An Electrical Design Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Using AutoCAD and Microsoft applications
• Understanding technical information
• Doing cost estimation
• Drafting designs
• Assisting building services teams
• Maintaining company standards
• Conducting simulations


•  Communicating verbally and in written format
• Being analytical and strategic
• Being innovative and thorough
• Understanding complex ideas and presenting information
• Leadership and direction
• Managing projects and teams
• Being approachable and respectful
•  Multitasking
• Being able to work on own initiative
•  Information technology


There are different levels of qualification accepted by employers for the position of Electrical Design Engineer. Applicants may possess as low as a High School Diploma or GED. Also, various degrees are an extreme asset in this competitive field.
There are always opportunities for advancement and often on the job training and shadowing may be available. Being a hands on or practical job, Electrical Design Engineers often begin as apprentices, while others attend evening or part time classes. People who are interested in this career should study Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Technology, Computer Software and Design or other Engineering related fields.

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