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Conducting testing, quality checks and making adjustments are just some of the responsibilities of a Quality Assurance Manager. They may also conduct interview with consumers to understand their needs. Or they may choose to have product samples sent to testers and collect their feedback. Qualified quality service technicians may work under their supervision. They also use them to gain early feedback before releasing products onto the market.

A Quality Assurance Manager will work closely with other departments. In their industry it is important to share information and gather market statistics. Meetings may be held frequently to do this. Managers are paid very lucrative salaries, even up to six figures. They receive allows for meals, travel, petrol or uniform. As any other employee, dependent on the company, they should also qualify for general and health insurance, healthcare, vacation and sick days.

A Quality Assurance Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Coordinating quality assurance schedule
• Supervising quality assurance team
• Establishing and maintaining policies
• Managing quality assurance metrics
• Checking product consistency
• Creating checklists for software deployment
• Managing product testing efforts


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:

• Quality assurance and checks
• Project and time management
• Being mathematically inclined
• Being attentive and capable
• Understanding complex information
• Managing quality standards
• Critical thinking and problem solving
• Analyzing data
• Communication and presentation
• Organization and administration
• Leadership and development
• Being professional and honest


People who are interest in a Quality Assurance Manager position can pursue their studies in several areas. This may include studying:

•    Business
•    Engineering
•    Statistics
•    Calculus
•    Management
•    Quality Economics

These courses can be studied at the Bachelors of Masters level in any accredited or recognized tertiary institution. Business Management or Administration areas should also be covered as this allows you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to complete administrative and management duties. As it relates to certifications, the American Society for Quality has a number of certifications. These certifications will add credibility to your educational achievements and make you a more attractive prospect to employers.

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