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Industrial production experts research and develop various manufacturing methods. They are known as Manufacturing Engineers. They map out the design, development, production and assembly line processes. They estimate the need for new equipment and research the best industry practices to adopt. Companies rely on their expertise to drive up revenue and reduce expenditure.

These professionals are very technical, detail oriented and organized. They handle their responsibilities well and are very effective in getting their jobs done. Manufacturing Engineers work in a variety of conditions, whether loud, messy, outdoors or indoors. Depending of their location they have to wear protective glasses, hats, boots, and uniforms and use heavy equipments. They have to be flexible, and willing to work overtime or one shift systems.

A Manufacturing Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Documenting manufacturing processes
• Analyzing manufacturing processes
• Conferring with vendors
• Estimating staffing requirements
• Providing engineering support
• Maintaining accurate documentation
• Making product changes
• Supporting company policies
• Training employees
• Developing and coordinating training programs


• Being innovative and resourceful
• Understanding technology
• Troubleshooting and resolving problems
• Communication and teamwork
• Understanding manufacturing concepts
• Working on own initiative
• Working with teams
• Being multi-talented
• Being multilingual
• Being able to handle multiple tasks
• Being professional and cooperative
• Managing stress and work pressures
• Being technical and methodical
• Giving feedback and preparing reports


Pursuing a Bachelors or Masters Degree is a good decision when you are interested in an Engineering career. You will be able to pursue specialized areas such as Mechanical, Industrial, Environmental or Manufacturing Engineering. Your educational options will be vast as many schools offer these courses; the courses may not be manufacturing specific but Industrial and Mechanical Engineering can be pursued. Employers often provide job specific training to their employees. Your aptitude for science, statistics or mathematics is also an advantage, because your job will require performing calculations and understanding mathematical data.

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