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Ensuring that materials and products meet quality checks before going on the market is the function of a Quality Technician. They assess the condition of the product, from its raw material stage to being a completed product; ensuring that it is not damaged or have any defects. They use testing and measuring equipments to conduct these inspections.

A Quality Technician usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Monitoring product quality
• Assessing customer complaints
•  Maintaining gauges and testers
•  Collecting data
•  Performing failure and routine analysis
•  Auditing materials and processes
• Checking for regulatory compliance
•  Completing administrative functions


• Communication and listening
• Being observant and technical
• Being able to resolve technical issues
• Testing and development
• Implementing industry regulations
• Being thorough and dependable
• Understanding blueprints and statistical information
• Being amicable and professional
• Using good judgment
• Resolving critical problems
• Handling multiple tasks
• Information technology
• Performing mechanical tasks


Quality Technicians can start their careers with just a High School Diploma. Then may then pursue further studies while gaining professional experience and know how. Many companies also provide in house training or job shadowing opportunities; preparing their staff for career advancement. Technicians are required to understand a couple areas, like quality control, blueprint reading, performing ‘pass/fail’ tests and reporting test results.

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