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Test Engineers check manufactured products, equipments and fixtures to ensure they meet user specifications and work in the correct manner. They work in the electrical, manufacturing and information technology industries. These engineers are highly technical and have an aptitude for understanding mathematical of scientific data.

A Test Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Supervising equipment and fixture development
• Implementing production planning
• Developing testing processes
•  Recording testing data
• Using data management systems
• Providing technical expertise


• Being able to communicate in both written and verbal formats
• Being able to maintain amicable working relationships
• Resolving problems
• Planning and organization
• Being able to interpret information
• Being analytical and technical
• Mentoring junior team members
• Information technology
• Being professional
• Prioritizing assignments
• Being commercial aware
• Using initiative
• Organization and administration
• Being efficient and reliable


Test Engineers often pursue first degrees in Engineering related areas. They may specialize in Construction, Building, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering. In order to qualify for a promotion, Engineers typically have to pursue higher degrees, like a Masters Degree or a Post Graduate Degree.

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