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Welders are responsible for joining together different materials such as metals and plastics. They may work at different industries using industrial equipment in assembly lines for the construction or ships, trains, and cars. These professionals are required to follow written specifications and blueprints in order to perform accurate works. They also use their tools to cut metal into pieces according to specific construction requirements.

Welders usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Fixing metal objects.
• Working on assembly lines.
• Using hot flames to join metal edges.
• Interpreting blueprints.
• Cutting metals.


• Being able to clearly communicate information to others.
• Having manual dexterity.
• Being physically fit.
• Having IT skills.
• Being able to work for long periods of time.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being able to see details at close range.
• Having problem-solving skills.
• Having eye-hand coordination.
• Being able to manipulate and assemble objects.


Welder jobs require candidates having Formal Training from private Soldering, Welding, and Brazing Schools, Community Colleges, Vocational-Technical Institutes, and Soldering Schools from the U.S. Armed Forces. Among useful programs for this area are courses in shop mathematics, physics, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing, metallurgy, and chemistry. Candidates also must handle knowledge about electricity and computers in order to obtain skills to operate welding, brazing, and soldering machines. Professionals working on this field can obtain certifications offered by the American Welding Society or by employers who have developed their own internal certification programs.

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