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Electrical Engineers perform highly technical jobs. They work with electrical equipment, whether through manufacturing, supply or maintaining equipments. In working with electricity, power generators and electronics, these professionals have to adhere to strict health and safety regulations at all times.

Engineers receive very lucrative salary packages and benefits. They work 40 hour schedules and overtime when required. The job position of an Electrical Engineer is very popular and competitive. Therefore having good qualifications and skills is an asset.

An Electrical Engineer usually performs many of the following tasks:

•  Resolving electrical problems
•  Developing new ideas
•  Learning how to use new equipment
• Repairing electrical equipment
•  Managing the construction and installation of power generators
• Maintaining telephone circuits
•  Advising clients


• Being intuitive, thorough and flexible
• Being computer literate
• Being professional
• Being able to communicate effectively
• Being able to work cohesively with a team
• Understanding engineering concepts and designs
• Troubleshooting
• Having expert logical and technical thinking
• Organization and administration
• Meeting project deadlines


Engineers often pursue Bachelors or Masters Degrees to gain employment in their field. They are typically good at technical and logical tasks. Electrical Engineer study courses include subjects such as Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, and Computer Studies. Some employers may accept Engineers who have a Diploma or Associate Degree as entry level employees or apprentices.

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