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Working within the warehouse environments and managing day to day responsibilities, is a requirement for Warehouse professionals. This environment has many different positions that keep it running smoothly; from packagers, drivers, lifters, accountants, data entry personnel, shippers, clerks, managers and maintenance staff. Many of these jobs involve constant activity and preventing hazards of the job, so many workers may wear protective clothing like boots, glasses and hard hats. Those who drive heavy machinery have to be very careful, and practice strict safety.
A process dictates how things are done in a particular setting or business and Warehouse managers are always assessing the supply chain and work module to improve on productivity. Therefore they perform employee job assessments, and organize the relevant training sessions and workshops to introduce new work models, equipment and strategies. He also manages work schedules, restructures the daily roster in emergency situations, and manages the warehouse records.
A Warehouse professional usually performs many of the following tasks:
•  Checking inventory records
• Overseeing the shift allocations
• Setting targets for warehouse staff
•  Organizing employee training sessions
• Auditing billing statements
• Coordinating the dispatch of all goods
• Writing up work logs, and billing reports
•  Approving departmental processes
• Implementing safety programs


Expertise in the following areas is an asset:
• Being physically fit
• Being analytical and thorough
• Writing reports and managing budgets
• Multitasking and communication
• Organization and administration
• Being motivational and amicable
• Handling teams and co-workers
• Negotiating and networking
• Adhering to and implementing safety procedures
• Leadership and time management
• Mentoring and assessment
• Making effective decisions and resolving problems


To start out as a Warehouse professional, you are not rewired to have advanced degrees or qualifications. Though the experience gained on the job over the years become a huge benefit. You can begin with a high school diploma. However, if you decide to continue your education, having a Bachelors or Masters Degree prepares you for a managerial position. Your studies will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to handle human resource, shipping, accounting, assessment, inventory and other management responsibilities. You can pursue your studies in:
•    Commerce
•    Management
•    Business administration
•    Retail
•    Merchandising
•    Supply Chain
•    Material Management
•    Bookkeeping
•    Commodity Procurement
Relevant industry certifications include the CPM, CPSM, CSCP, CTL, and CPIM.

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