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Drivers are required to help people in transportation by riding different types of vehicles. They can also transport goods and machinery depending on the vehicle they drive. These workers also have to check that everything is perfect, including brake functioning, working of lights, fluid levels, tire pressure, and engine functioning in cars, busses, trucks, etc. In the case of passenger transportation, they are responsible for creating schedules to pick up passengers according to their specific needs.

Drivers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Assisting passengers.
• Cleaning their vehicles.
• Carrying out small repairs.
• Collecting goods.
• Checking fuel and oil levels.


• Having good communication skills.
• Being patient.
• Having good knowledge about signs and traffic law.
• Being friendly.
• Having technical skills.
• Being able to read and follow maps.
• Having neat appearance.
• Being punctual.
• Having problem-solving skills.
• Being trustworthy.


Applicants for Driver jobs are required to have a High School Diploma as a minimum academic qualification and being over 21 years old to get the driving license. Depending on employers or companies, these requirements can be higher including the completion of an eighth grade education, a clean driving record, and experience driving heavy vehicles. Persons working on this field also have to acquire a Commercial Driving License issued by the federal government and the state. Candidates for this qualification need to pass a written examination and fulfill some requirements in order to hold that license. Some companies offer their own training programs where they teach safety regulations, customer service, assistance to passengers with disability, etc.

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