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School Bus Drivers are responsible for safely transporting children to and from school and related events. They pick up students at designated locations, such as street corners or private homes, and drop them off at school. Once school time finish, they wait for students to board and drive them back to the same designated locations. In some cases, these drivers are required to maintain discipline, order unruly students and prevent that unauthorized persons get on the bus.

School Bus Drivers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Assisting passengers.
• Driving buses over specified routes.
• Maintaining cleanliness of the bus.
• Loading and unloading baggage.
• Making minor repairs and changing tires.


• Having good hand-eye coordination.
• Being able to follow traffic rules.
• Having communication skills.
• Being responsible and reliable.
• Having good vision.
• Being strict in cases of unruly students.
• Having knowledge of traffic routes between school and student´s houses.
• Being able to handle unexpected situations.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being able to work under pressure.


School Bus Driver job placements demand candidates having formal training programs related to this field. These schemes include practical instruction and didactic and theory part where they learn basic state and federal regulations and rules, including customer service skills. Persons in these courses also complete driving exercises such as parking, controlling the bus in narrow lanes, turning, among other maneuvers under the supervision of an experienced professional. Drivers in this area are required to obtain a Commercial Driver´s License from the State Department of Transportation. Employers in this field usually require physical and random drug screenings and background checks to make sure that the candidate is suitable for the job.

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