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Bus Drivers are responsible for providing transportation for several people at the same time, including vacationers and school children. They transport people within a metropolitan area or on chartered tours or excursions. These drivers pick up and drop off passengers at specific bus stations and stops. They must announce stops, answer questions about routes, transfer points, and schedules and sometimes they are required to directly collect fares.

Bus Drivers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Loading and unloading baggage.
• Driving over particular routes requested.
• Picking up passengers.
• Reporting delays during a journey.
• Examining lights, brakes, tires, and safety equipment.


• Having time management skills.
• Being able to perform different tasks at the same time.
• Having knowledge of public security and safety.
• Being patient.
• Having problem-solving skills.
• Being able to work with people from different backgrounds.
• Being polite.
• Having quick reaction time.
• Being able to coordinate large groups of people.
• Having good communication skills.
• Being able to work under pressure.


Applicants for Bus Driver jobs are required to have a High School Diploma. Companies in this field also need that candidates pass a written examination in order to demonstrate abilities to follow complex bus schedules. Training programs are offered by the same companies and last two to eight weeks, including classroom lessons and practical instruction. Subjects in these courses include State and municipal driving regulations, safety regulations, safe driving practices, and Department of Transportation and company work rules. Drivers in the practical instruction practice zigzag maneuvers, backing up, turns, and driving in narrow lanes. All professionals working on this industry are required to have a Commercial Driver´s License. Applicants for this qualification must pass an examination about rules and regulations of this area and demonstrate that they can operate a bus safely.

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