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Tax Managers are responsible for keeping businesses compliant with various local, state, and federal tax regulations. They implement measures and develop policies for dealing with various areas relating to taxes. Tax Managers perform estimations, analysis, planning, and research and oversee audits.
A Tax Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Administering tax audits
•  Adhering to tax regulations
• Investigating new tax laws and developments
• Indentifying issues that may arise in tax dealings
• Reporting to directors and senior executives
•  Organizing quarterly and annual income tax provisions
•  Forecasting quarterly global tax rate
•  Documenting process for R&D
• Record keeping of foreign income tax filings
• Reconciling income tax accounts
• Calculating income tax payments
Employees working in a tax department report to a Tax Manager. These managers mentor, supervise and delegate duties to their workers. They work normal office hours unless it is during peak business or tax seasons. Tax Managers receive very lucrative salaries. They also get performance bonuses and partake in profit sharing schemes.
There are many job succession opportunities for Tax Manager. Managers with first rate managerial capabilities are able to fill the positions of financial manager, CFO, controller, accounting manager, treasurer, or budget director. Tax Managers also join professional organisations to network within their industry. Some of these associations include the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CCIM Institute.


• Using Microsoft Office and tax applications
• Problem solving
• Being ethical
• Professionalism
• Meeting deadlines
• Accounting
• Communication
• Research
• Project management
• Leadership
• Being dependable
• Offering quality customer service
• Multitasking


People may pursue a Masters Degree in Taxation, Finance or Economics to work as a Tax Manager. Some employers offer training opportunities and incentive to study and develop their skills in this field. These professionals must be adept at using various auditing and accounting applications to perform their tasks proficiently. Due to the responsibilities of this job, Tax Managers must have a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license.

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