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Handling financial products, reporting on revenue, overseeing budgets, or auditing financial processes within a company falls under the scope of a Finance Analyst. These analysts have many responsibilities and spend their time overseeing the financial processes of a business.

A Finance Analyst usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Completing reports, journals and audits
• Managing fixed assets
•  Handling tax submissions and reviews
• Conducting audit procedures
• Reconciling accounts
• Tracking budgets
• Forecasting and projecting
• Reducing costs and expenses
• Implementing financial processes
• Reviewing reports, income and expenditure
• Checking data integrity
• Working with auditors, analysts, executives and managers
• Using Excel and financial software


• Keen team players
• Excellent negotiating skills
• Proficiency in using financial and computer applications
• Innovative ideas
• Effective leadership abilities
• First rate capabilities in financial reporting, analysis and accounting
• Being approachable and confident
• Attentive to details
• Learn quickly
• Being mature and professional
• Being ethical and dependable
• Investigative thinking


People who work in a Finance Analyst position have at least a first Degree. Their Bachelor's Degree is typically in Accounting, Finance or Business. These professionals also join professional bodies and associations and have CPA certifications. Many analysts also hold a Master's Degree.

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