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Auditors are required to verify, examine, and prepare financial reports of a company. They evaluate different aspects of an organization including financial records, projects, individuals, and businesses. Once reviewed each case, these professionals make recommendations in order to correct conditions that have a negative impact. They may work as independent professionals or belong to specific organizations as internal auditors.

Auditors usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Conducting periodic audits.
• Offering recommendations.
• Verifying financial records.
• Creating reports.
• Checking journal entries.


• Having negotiation skills.
• Being trustworthy.
• Having accounting skills.
• Being able to select sound audit techniques.
• Having practical knowledge of computers.
• Being able to analyze facts and figures.
• Having investigative abilities.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being able to adopt high standards of integrity.
• Having sound knowledge of taxation.


Auditor jobs require applicants having bachelor´s degrees with a specialization in accounting or finance. Majors in accounting and courses in communications, humanities, computers, and economics are also welcome in this business. Some professionals working in this area also have a law degree or a master´s degree in business administration. There is a state´s certification examination in order to obtain a Certified Public Accountant designation required by most public accounting companies. This exam lasts two days and only 25 percent of applicants pass this evaluation. It requires candidates having a minimum of 150 hours of college-level course work, equivalent of an undergraduate degree or master´s degree.

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