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Fraud Investigators are responsible for evaluating the circumstances of a case of suspected fraud and make recommendations about future measures. They may work for different institutions including law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, professional organizations, banks, etc. These professionals investigate cases of fraud involving the use of stolen or lost credit cards and team up with postal officials to see offenses occurred through mail service. They interview witnesses, complainants, and employers and research transactions and records to present investigation results and testify in court.

Fraud Investigators usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Documenting all investigative processes.
• Interviewing suspects.
• Recommending actions in fraud cases.
• Gathering financial documents.
• Preparing evidence for presentation in court.


• Having high attention to details.
• Being able to think strategically.
• Having excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Being able to interrogate persons.
• Having oral presentation skills.
• Being able to work on non-traditional hours.
• Having organizational skills.
• Being assertive.
• Having knowledge on how to collect and preserve evidence.
• Being ethical.


Fraud Investigator jobs demand applicants having a Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration, Fraud Management, Law, Accounting, Criminal Justice, or Economic Crime. Most employers also require candidates having relevant experience in law enforcement or investigative fields. Suitable training programs for this area include courses in collecting and preserving evidence, report writing, interviewing and taking statements, and police science. Professionals who want to have better job opportunities can obtain a certification offered by the International Association of Special Investigation Unit. Applicants for this qualification are required to pass some examinations and complete coursework.

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