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Financial Analysts are responsible for providing guidance to individuals and companies making investment decisions. They assess the performance of commodities, stocks, bonds, among other investments. These professionals may work for securities firms, mutual and pension funds, banks, insurance companies, business media, etc. They can be divided into two categories: sell side analysts and buy side analysts. The first group helps securities dealers to sell bonds and stocks while the second group works with organizations that deal with big amounts of money, such as hedge funds, independent money managers, and mutual funds companies.

Financial Analysts usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Identifying major risks in financial investments.
• Supervising finance staff members.
• Managing investments of the clients.
• Providing advisory services.
• Creating financial reports.


• Having math skills.
• Being able to create convincing presentations.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.
• Having analytical skills.
• Being trustworthy and reliable.
• Having knowledge of accounting principles.
• Being proactive.
• Having IT skills.
• Having good communication skills.


Financial Analyst job placements demand applicants having a Bachelor´s or a Graduate Degree as a minimum requirement. It is recommended that candidates have a Master of Business Administration or a Master´s Degree in Finance. Some companies require applicants having degrees related to this field, such as accounting, economics, finances, business, or finance. Professionals working on this industry can obtain the Chartered Financial Analyst certification offered by the CFA Institute. Applicants for this qualification are required to have a Bachelor´s Degree, four years of related experience and pass three exams. Among topics covered by these examinations are subjects like securities analysis, accounting, economics, corporate finance, asset valuation, financial markets and instruments, and portfolio management.

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