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Finance handles the management of money concerning the assets of individuals, governments and businesses.

General overview

The Financial sector oversees the administration of personal, public and corporate finance. Those working within any field of Finance understand and study money and assets. These individuals manage money and their progression over time; they are fluent in risk management, knowing how to evaluate and control risk. Some financial departments within a company deal with money for growth and management as well as tax, audit and asset research. Finance takes many forms; some may work with an individual, while others, like corporate bankers and stockbrokers work on a grander scale with big companies or governments.

Requirements and skills

Those working in Finance must possess a long list of skills. A bachelor’s degree focused in Financial Management and Technology is preferable. Skills may vary depending on the subsector of Finance but this list of basic skill sets is common among all individuals in the Finance sector:

  • A strong grasp of mathematics and mathematical equations
  • Analytical skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong character
  • Exceptional work ethic
  • Solid communication skills

Though many skills are the same, those looking to work in specific subsectors of the finance industry, like administration and banking must also have certain other skills.

It is important for a finance administrator to understand and analyse complex data as well as being able to identify risk areas. They need to be extremely motivated to achieve company goals and objectives.

One working in banking must have intrapersonal and strong communication skills as they work directly with clients and need to understand client needs and expectations. Having many clients, this individual must be able to quickly learn new concepts.

Professional path

The Finance sector offers many career opportunities in different areas such as:

  • Finance Administration: a finance administer organises his or her company’s assets; they manage accounts, create budgets and prepares financial reports. They also look ahead to anticipate and measure any future risk.
  • Banking: there are two types of banking, commercial banking and investment banking. Investment banking does not deal with an individual’s assets, but rather the assets of a company or organization.
  • Insurance: this area deals with the risk and risk management of an individual’s or company’s assets.
  • Financial Trader: this individual works closely with the stock market; buying, selling and sharing bonds and assets for investors and individuals. They decide share prices and trade in order to maximize profits or to minimise financial risk.

The possibilities in the Finance sector are endless! Here’s a short list of job titles:

  • Auditor
  • Book Keeper
  • Financial Advisor
  • Fax Accountant
  • Junior Accountant
  • Credit Analyst
  • Risk Manager

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