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Overseeing the development and implementation of policies that cater to customer relations is the responsibility of a Relationship Manager. Their work involves negotiating and networking with all groups that interact with their company and ensuring certain protocols are followed by internal teams in the organization.
There are approximately five groups of Relationship Managers. They are:
• Business relationship managers
• Client relationship managers
• Customer relationship managers
• Vendor relationship managers
• Community relationship managers
Relationship Managers may have marketing, customer service, data analysis, and supervision responsibilities. They must be excellent at conflict resolution, communication, counseling, reporting and consulting. Employers often employ persons who have previous managerial experience and a good record of accomplishment for these job posts. Relationship Managers are paid good salaries. They receive benefits including pension, vacation, allowances, health care and insurance.   A Relationship Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Understanding customer needs
• Responding to complaints
• Handling operational details
• Explaining policies and procedures
• Resolving conflicts


• Understanding mathematical and other numerical information
• Being analytical
•  Information technology
• Troubleshooting problems
•  Communication and listening
• Meeting deadlines
•  Organization and administration
• Human relations
• Being detail oriented
• Being friendly and amenable
• Being professional
• Being courteous
• Being collaborative and focused


Relationship Managers often possess at least a Bachelors Degree. They often pursue courses in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, Communications, Economics or Management. Professionals with higher degrees, for example a Masters Degree, have a better chance of being promoted to higher job positions.

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