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Someone who performs the job of a Financial Associate is very good with financial and accounting information. They are able to understand its intricacies and manipulate numbers. They use and implement various accounting acumen, understand, implement and adhere to various compliance regulations.
They also work closely with senior or executive teams advising them on different reports, principles and relevant accounting and financial data. Financial Associates may be found in accounting, finance, investment or treasury departments; and may advise portfolio managers and corporate traders.
In their line of work they may be the overseer of financial statements and assist external and internal auditors. They are very handsomely rewarded for their roles in a company and paid attractive salaries. Their benefits could include stock options, bonuses, allowances and traditional health, medical and pension benefits.
A Financial Associate usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Working cohesively with a financial team
• Providing an analysis of integral business decisions
• Supporting and helping to reach long and short term financial goals
• Implementing procedures to improve on various financial and business processes
• Offering inventive product portfolios as well as services.
• Developing financial strategies


• Having strong communication and business application skills
• Having excellent computation and accounting skills
• Being willing, and adaptive
• Having first rate customer service skills
• Being analytical and a problem solver
• Being motivated and highly technical
• Being able to manage people, networks and relationships
• Having the ability to stay focused in sales and achieving targets
• Being able to understand complex computations and conduct presentations
• Being able to manage multiple projects
• Having organizational and administrative skills
• Being able to make sound business and financial decisions


To adequately perform the job of a Financial Associate, one needs to have an aptitude for complex mathematical and accounting data and calculations. Then you can pursue different ranges of education at the tertiary level; whether a Bachelors or Masters Degree or even a Doctorate.
Specific areas of study may be in:
•    Finance
•    Statistics
•    Mathematics
•    Accounting
•    Economics
Employers are very receptive of high level qualifications in these areas. Such attractive qualifications include having a MBA, CFA, CPA, or CMA. Graduates with these diplomas will find jobs in the investment, banking and other financial sectors.

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