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Security Officers are required to monitor and protect people, property, or assets. They are needed to make sure that no trespass, damage, or theft is done to specific properties or persons. These officers may work in various institutions, such as public and private organizations, banks, colleges, schools, universities, nuclear plants, oil companies, among others, where they inspect different facilities and enforce security programs. There are some cases where they have special training programs in order to use weapons.

Security Officers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Helping people with directions.
• Preventing theft.
• Reporting incidents to the police.
• Inspecting different areas.
• Maintaining entry logs.


• Being able to work on emergency situations.
• Having good written and verbal communication skills.
• Being physically fit.
• Having technical skills.
• Being able to work for long hours.
• Having observational skills.
• Being detail oriented.
• Having decision making skills.
• Being able to work alone or with a team.
• Having knowledge of basic law enforcement regulations.


Applicants for Security Officer jobs are required to have a High School Diploma or equivalent qualifications, be over eighteen years old and have abilities to write, read, and speak English. Employers and organizations usually need to have persons with experience in security fields or police forces. Persons who want to work on this area must have a certification in order to perform their duties in several states. This qualification can be obtained at police station departments and it is granted to candidates who pass background checks and an examination, and have a suitable training programs. This certification last five years and then must be renewed.

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