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Criminal Justice is an area related to the study or application of laws regarding to criminal behavior. Justice has to do with the just retribution for victims of a crime, for instance, seeing an offender in jail. There are different professionals working on this field including lawyers, police officers, members of the Supreme Court, detectives, court officers, among other workers. Specialists of this area are focused on preventing large sums of money from being stolen and keeping the streets clean of dangerous criminals.

Criminal Justice specialists usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Maintaining writing records of cases.
• Patrolling their respective jurisdictions.
• Enforcing the law.
• Keeping suspects under surveillance.
• Prosecuting persons accused of a crime.


• Having knowledge about criminal law.
• Being able to recognize legal dilemma on both disputing sides.
• Having effective communication skills.
• Being able to handle individuals swiftly.
• Having problem-solving skills.
• Being physically fit.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being neutral.
• Having good eyesight.
• Being honest and trustworthy.


There are different job opportunities in the Criminal Justice field, so education requirements vary according to each post. A general basic requirement is having a High School Diploma in order to apply for further education programs. Some institutions require applicants having two years of college level. Other programs for persons who want to work in this sector are related to the Administration of Justice or Law Enforcement Degrees that are offered by several colleges. Some schools offer Undergraduate Degrees in Criminal Justice, including the option of advanced programs to obtain a Doctoral or Master´s Degree in the same field.

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