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Non Profit area is related to jobs which are taken by persons who have an orientation to the service rather than money. These posts are offered by nonprofit organizations that benefit the society through their assistance. This field can be divided into three categories including administrative, service, and functions. Examples of the first group are people working in program management and human resources, while the second category has the human service providers. The last group has functions such as food service, technological assistance, security, and maintenance.

Non Profit workers usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Developing training manuals.
• Preparing disaster mitigation plans.
• Coordinating with private and public organizations.
• Improving education standards in remote areas.
• Managing daily office activities.


• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being patient.
• Having organizational skills.
• Being able to work for long hours.
• Having analytical skills.
• Being creative.
• Having good written and verbal communication skills.
• Being tactful.
• Having leadership skills.
• Being able to resolve conflicts.


The Non Profit field is open to candidates from different industries and people without academic qualifications. Some professionals working on this area have Degrees in Social Work, Public Policy, Non Profit Management, Organization Development or a combination of basic degrees and passion for helping others. This field is suitable for applicants who do not have enough background experience or academic qualifications and want to get knowledge and skills for future jobs by working as interns. Other appropriate degrees for this sector are Journalism, Public Relations, and Marketing. A good recommendation for candidates is also having basic knowledge of computers and keyboard skills.

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