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Security Directors are required to ensure the security of equipment, information, and personnel of an organization from fraud, internet hacking, physical assault, industrial espionage, terrorism, robbery, among other threats. They plan, direct and monitor the implementation of security systems for protection of industrial and commercial organizations. These professionals are also responsible for hiring, training and supervising new employees who would be a part of the department of security and safety.

Security Directors usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Reporting criminal information to authorities.
• Investigating crimes committed against clients.
• Planning personal security.
• Analyzing data of internal operations.
•   Advising about security weakness and procedures.


• Having excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having organizational skills.
• Being able to handle various security procedures.
• Having decision making skills.
• Being analytical.
• Having supervisory skills.
• Being detail oriented.
• Having investigation skills.
• Being proactive.


Candidates for Security Director jobs are required to have a Bachelor´s Degree in Information Systems, Public Security, Computer Science, Police Science, Law Enforcement or related subjects. It is also recommended to have a Master of Business Administration in Business Management with specialization in Organization Development. Employers in this area usually seek applicants having at least five years or relevant experience in security, policy, and management fields. Certification process for this sector varies according to States, but generally it includes coursework, training programs, and written examinations. Other suitable qualifications for professionals working on this field are CISCO certifications.

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