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While nurses are the public face of many health and social care facilities, other professionals are busy behind the scenes, managing the all-important administrative responsibilities. One of the key roles is that of home manager, combining responsibility for human resources, patient care and even accounts. Many of those working in this position will be under pressure to keep to tight budgets
Those seeking a position as a home manager should have some experience in the healthcare field; the position is particularly suitable for nurses with excellent leadership and management skills. In addition to the usual nursing qualifications, prospective home managers also usually study for additional qualifications in the field of health and social care
Positions usually pay in the region of £30,000 to £40,000, with the most competitive jobs paying more than £40,000. People management skills are essential, while other qualities such as compassion and amicability are also useful. These qualities might be needed when informing patients’ families about their condition.


Taking the responsibility of managing the daily needs of people who are sick and disabled is the job of a Home Manager. They oversee the financial, health, medical, physical and other needs of their clients. They also manage the staff of the centre, hiring, training and assessing their performance to ensure that the quality of the care given is always within standards.
A Home Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Delivering services
• Documenting services
• Preparing monthly reports
•  Helping people to maintain benefits
•  Interviewing, hiring and training new staff
•  Ensuring compliance with health care regulations
•  Attending meetings


• Leadership
• Planning and prioritising
• Use of information technologies
• Oral and written communication
• Clinical nursing
• Resolving problems
• Analysing financial data
• Being flexible
• People and team management
• Being professional
• Being respectful and amicable


People who are interested in working as Home Managers should acquire their license as registered nurses. They can also pursue other Health Care related qualifications. They can be in areas such as Health Administration, CPR and First Aid. Some professionals who have worked in the health care industry for years, may turn to jobs as Home Managers.

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