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Police area is required to maintain order and peace under government mandate at municipal, county, or city level. Some of the professionals working on this field are Police Officers and they are required to enforce the laws at the national and federated level. They apprehend persons who break the law, give warnings, and issue citations. These officers patrol their jurisdictions and investigate any suspicious activity.

Persons working on Police field usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Arresting criminals.
• Using motor vehicles to patrol highways.
• Issuing traffic citations.
• Writing reports.
• Carrying out administrative duties.


• Being able to use firearms.
• Having good written and verbal communication skills.
• Being courteous.
• Having knowledge of principles of first aid.
• Being able to understand ordinances and laws.
• Having decision making skills.
• Being an active listener.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being able to speak one or more foreign languages.
• Having emotional stability.


Depending on jobs available, education requirements for the Police field range from a High School Diploma to College Degrees. There are some cases where it is only required to have one or two years of college level education. Students who want to work on this field are encouraged to participate in sports and take classes in physical education in order to develop agility, competitiveness, and stamina needed for these positions. Among postsecondary alternatives are Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement programs offered by several institutions such as colleges, universities, and junior colleges. Some agencies pay part or all the tuition for officers to work toward degrees in Administration of Justice, Public Administration, Criminal Justice, and Police Science. Candidates for local and State police departments are required to have a training period that last twelve to fourteen weeks.

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