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Business Managers may be in charge of an entire organization or just one department within a company. They have an immense capacity for handling all the responsibilities that come with managing a business. Their job entails managing people and processes to ensure the successful and smooth running of a business.
Managers must be adept in a number of areas to manage a company. Having accounting, supervisory, administrative, research and reporting capabilities aids these professionals in understanding and guiding employees who perform these duties. Business Managers must be aware of the financial and economic developments in order to guide their companies during changes.
A Business Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:
• Mentoring
• Mediating
•  Hiring
• Interviewing
• Conducting performance evaluations
• Performing ad hoc duties
•  Managing employees
• Reporting
• Budgeting
• Minimizing expenditure
• Analyzing business processes
• Chairing meetings
• Conducting presentations
• Attending business functions
•  Networking
•  Negotiating with suppliers and contractors   The remuneration of a Business Manager is directly dependent on the industry. Other factors of influence include working experience, seniority, business location and size. They do earn good compensation and benefits including health care, insurance, pension, and allowances.


• Leadership
• Innovation
• Time management
• Using computer applications
• Team collaboration
• Organization
• Supervision
• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Being shrewd in business
• Communication
• Employee motivation
• Professionalism
• Networking
• Being a good role model and mentor


To be competitive and successfully attain a job as a Business Manager, it is best to have a Masters Degree. Your studies can be in any business related field such as Administration, Business Management, Finance, Economics, and Accounting. Mangers in this capacity are very knowledge about global markets, economies, banking and brand development. Some Business Managers do possess a first degree with some years of management experience.

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