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Supervising and delegating the responsibilities within a sales team is the job of a Sales Manager. This position requires the Manager to be very hands on and motivational. They are responsible for inspiring, challenging and assisting their employees in meeting various deadlines and targets. Sales Managers also design and carry out training to help develop the skills of their team members.

A Sales Manager usually performs many of the following tasks:

• Recruiting and hiring new staff
• Training current employees
• Setting sales targets
• Delegating tasks
• Working with senior sales managers
• Submitting sales reports
• Budgeting
• Maintaining customer relationships


• Customer service or other areas where negotiation is imperative
• Networking
• Being ambitious and creative
• Meeting deadlines
• Conflict management
• Communication, presentation, and business writing
• Organization and planning
• Time management
• Delegation
• Information technology


There are no set qualifications to become a Sales Manager. Employers are largely dependent on the skills and aptitudes of sales professionals. Sales Managers must have a good record of achievement in maintaining and meeting high sales targets consistently. Having experience in Commerce if also helpful. Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Marketing, Public Relations, Accounting, Business or Advertising are always an advantage.

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