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Traders are required to apply their financial knowledge of securities markets to trade on behalf of their clients or an organization. They evaluate economic data and determine adequate values for securities on financial markets. These professionals also evaluate economic trends using statistical tools to identify price levels and risks for securities in which a company is interested. They also team up with other professionals such as research analysts, portfolio managers, and assistant traders in order to check investment opportunities for a firm.

Traders usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Predicting success or failure of securities.
• Analyzing market conditions.
• Performing calculations.
• Investing on behalf of their customers.
•   Counseling clients.


• Having IT skills.
• Being self-disciplined.
• Having math skills.
• Being able to perform technical analysis.
• Having good interpersonal skills.
• Being reliable and trustworthy.
• Having knowledge of trading practices and stock market terminology.
• Being an effective communicator.
• Having sales skills.
• Being able to adapt to unexpected situations.


Trader job positions demand applicants having a Bachelor´s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or Economics. Persons who want to work at higher level posts are required to have a MBA or a Master´s Degree in a related field. Several companies offer on-the-job training programs for new employees about securities analysis, company services and products, and public speaking. Professionals who want to work on this industry are required to have a license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Applicants for these qualifications must pass the Series 7 Exam that tests the knowledge of candidates on Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations. Other jobs, such as Stock Trader, require applicants having a four year degree in Business, Finance, or related subjects, while Financial Trader posts demand candidates having a Master´s Degree in Economics or Finance.

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