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Medical sales professionals work with medical suppliers, manufacturers and product distributers as a mediator with medical bodies such as hospitals, dental practices, trusts, medical schools, clinics and care facilities in the effort of supplying them with drugs or equipment, supplies and medical facilities.
Those working in this field are generally expected to have an in-depth understanding of the products they offer and must organise and deliver presentations and liaise with customers. The role requires outstanding communication skills, a likable persona and a keen awareness of client needs. Some posts require an educational background in medicine or pharmacology though many sales professionals hold a degree in marketing or sales alongside knowledge or experience in the medical industry
Those working in medical sales positions in the UK typically see salaries ranging from £30,000 and £50,000 per year. The average is about £42,500 per year. However, the position often entails commission, and thus highly successful individuals and sales managers may achieve significantly larger incomes.


Medical Sales is the field required to sell medical products to healthcare and medical industries. Among professionals working on this area are Medical Sales Representatives and they are responsible for selling medical equipment, prescription drugs, supplies, and medicine to different types of clients such as hospital physicians, general practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists. They schedule meetings with health care professionals in order to offer their products by doing presentations to demonstrate medical devices.

Medical Sales professionals usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Selling medical products.
• Travelling to assigned areas.
• Maintaining strong relationships with their clients.
• Introducing new products.
• Keeping records of sales.


• Having good managerial skills
• Being enthusiastic and energetic.
• Having problem solving skills.
• Being highly organized.
• Having excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Being friendly.
• Having negotiation skills.
• Being self-motivated.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being methodical.


Medical Sales jobs require applicants having a Bachelor´s Degree related to this field. Some Medical Sales Representatives also have a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology or Business Administration. Most companies require professionals having a four-year degree in a field related to the health industry. Five years of sales work experience and abilities to develop business contacts are other valuable points for employers. Professionals working on this field can obtain two types of certifications. The first qualification is the Certified Sales Professional and the other is the Certified Professional Manufacturer´s Representative.

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