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Leasing Agents are required to scout for tenants for commercial office buildings and shopping malls and making them sign lease agreements with owners. They may work in the residential and commercial areas by renting out flats, shops, office spaces, residences, among other establishments for a certain period of time. These agents provide useful information to prospect clients about the property and the community and schedule visits to show the facilities.

Leasing Agents usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Preparing documents.
• Showing properties to tenants.
• Checking credibility of the renters.
• Maintaining cleanliness on the properties.
• Clarifying doubts about this industry.


• Being persuasive.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being a good negotiator.
• Having math skills.
• Being computer literate.
• Having good communication skills.
• Being flexible.
• Having sales skills.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having multitasking skills.


Applicants for Leasing Agent job placements need to have a High School Diploma as a minimum academic qualification. Candidates having a Degree in Real Estate Management, Business, or related subjects will have better job opportunities in this industry. Persons who want to work in this field can take courses related to Real Estate and Property Management offered by vocational schools, adult learning centers, and community colleges. Professionals of this area are required to have a license in some states. This qualification can be obtained by completing a jurisdiction-approved real estate course and passing an examination.

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