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Construction Estimators are required to work with engineers and architectural designers to determine exact raw materials necessary to complete a project. They create lists of every element needed for the construction project and estimate labor costs. These professionals request proposals for each job in a project and must achieve the best deals possible for the company they work for.

Construction Estimators usually perform many of the following tasks:
• Providing suitable plans.
• Calculating final costs.
• Teaming up with other professionals.
• Estimating the amount and type of material required.
• Understanding blueprints.


• Having good communication skills.
• Being able to work with a team.
• Having strong analytical skills.
• Being proactive.
• Having high attention to details.
• Being well versed in CAD applications.
• Having interpersonal skills.
• Being able to handle large files with confidential data.
• Having understanding of blueprints.
• Having leadership skills.


Construction Estimator jobs demand applicants having a Degree in Civil Engineering. Other way to entry to this field is having a Certificate in Construction Estimation from a trade school. There are few cases where it is only necessary to have relevant work experience in this area and high school education. Students are encouraged to work in different construction related positions while they are attending school in order to get valuable work experience and suitable knowledge and skills for this area. Some professionals started working in lower level positions such as foundation work or carpentry, and then move forward to construction estimation job placements.

People working on this field can obtain a certification from a vocational school. These programs include courses in estimation and bidding, blueprints, construction, and math. Applicants having this qualification can have better job opportunities.

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